sei Berlin – be Berlin

Since kicking off the capital city marketing campaign be Berlin, the city has had a distinctive trademark. The Berlin Senate initiated the campaign in 2008. Intended to symbolize the diversity and potential of the city and its people, its main theme is a catchy invitation to “be Berlin.” 

Numerous events and campaign initiatives at home and abroad highlight the special diversity of Berlin. They make the city’s very special attitude toward life something that people around the world can experience in an authentic way.

be Berlin – today, almost ten years after the launch of the campaign, that is a whole city as a brand. A brand that is constantly growing and changing with this unique city with a spirit of freedom. Lively, diverse, full of possibilities. With the #FreiheitBerlin initiative, the capital city campaign invites all people to share their personal messages of freedom in the form of art, pictures, stories, videos, and quotes with the world.